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The history of this show started 20+ years ago with the start of my career in the body art industry.

The name Black River comes as a tribute to the shop where I started my tattoo journey, the Black River Tattoo Company.

Back in 2016 & 2017 I ran a show known as the Great Lakes Tattoo Expo. A partnered show with the venue. We had a great time at both shows and brought a lot of talented tattoo artists & unique vendors to the Blue Water Area. 

When I decided to bring back my show I took some time  to really reflect on my story. I wanted to honor my roots and decided to rebrand the existing show to now be the Black River Tattoo Convention.

I hope everyone has a blast at the show!

~Jonathon Anderson

Sarenity Tattoo & Body Piercing


Photo from 2016 Tattoo Convention.


 Jonathon Anderson. Photo 2016

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